June Favourites

I’ve picked out five things I’ve been loving this month, two of which I was given for my birthday a couple weeks back but I thought I’d include them.

Firstly, I’ve been seeing these storage baskets on Asos for months now and I kept them in my saved bag but always found something else to spend £20 on or they’d go out of stock. So when my mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday I asked for these and told her to hurry as they fly out the website. And lucky me received them.


Although now my nearest Lush shop is around an hours drive away, I love stocking up on bath bombs but always struggle to find somewhere to store them. (Here is where the idea for the baskets come in.) I love rose gold, and they’re the perfect size for an acceptable amount of bath bombs, bubble bars and lotions to have at one time!


Just need a Lush haul to fill them and keep me going for a while now.

Cost: £20 , Asos


This Works Pillow Spray

I really struggle with sleeping all the way through at night time and I always find myself waking up at least 2/3 times a night. Then the next day I’m left feeling groggy. So, when I saw this spray in a set on Asos near christmas I thought I’d treat myself to a good nights sleep. Now, I’m not going to lie, I love a good gimmick, and did think this could be a waste of my money but thought I’d give it a go.

And oh my does it help. You spray the lavender scent onto your pillow and let it work its magic. I sleep all the way through when I use this and don’t feel as tired when I wake up. I now find myself getting off to sleep quicker as well, as before I could be awake for ages before I’d finally nod off.


I’ve just ran out and in need of some more. This bottle is only a mini from the set but you can buy the full sized bottle (75ml) from Boots for £18, which might sound a lot for a pillow spray but it really does help.


If like me you need help sleeping and don’t really want to start using sleeping pills, go out  and try this. This really works. Pardon the pun.

Cost: £18 75ml , Boots


NYX On the Spot Brush Cleaner

If there’s one thing in the world that I will avoid doing at all costs, it’s cleaning my brushes. I have quite a few and it takes forever to clean them. Especially my sponges, which more often that not, I’ll just bin and buy more because it’s less hassle.


However, I have found an answer to my prayers in the form of this bottle. Now I’m using this more often, I wonder why I’ve never thought of buying a brush cleaner spray before.  Simply spray a little bit onto a cotton pad, then in circular motions, rub your brush onto the pad and watch the dirt come off. Grossly satisfying I must admit. It doesn’t leave a horrible alcohol smell and my brushes feel super soft afterwards.

Although you should really give your brushes a deep clean to prevent all the bacteria spreading, which can result in you breaking out, this is a really good alternative. It’s quick and simple to use and takes less time. Great product to use if you’re an MUA and need to clean brushes between clients.

Cost: £9, Boots

Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser

I’m a big lover of Clinique and have been for years. It has helped my skin so much and has also helped me to understand my skin more. Although it may seem a little pricey, the products are worth it. They last for a long time and work really well.

At Christmas, Clinique were doing a Pep-Start bundle, and I love the eye cream and wanted to try the rest out. I put it on my list and luckily got it from my mum. I was looking forward to trying the moisturiser first and when I opened it, it wasn’t what I expected it be like! It looked and felt more like a primer and didn’t know how well it would work but thought I’d give it a go. Well, it feels absolutely amazing on my skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all like some others I’ve tried. It softens my skin out and helps my make up sit so much better.


I’ve tried a couple from Clinique this year but this one is by far my go to. It is a little pricey but this sized tub lasted me around 4 months and I’ve used it every day, sometimes twice. Definitely worth a try.

Cost: £24.50 , Clinique

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Jimmy Choo fragrances smell beautiful and it’s definitely one I’ll spray constantly. I was obsessed with the original one when it came out and constantly had it on. So I was very happy when my boyfriends mum surprised me with this for my birthday. It smells absolutely lovely and is so fresh.


If you like a citrus smell, this is a fragrance for you. It lasts for most of the day and doesn’t need reapplying often which for the price of Jimmy Choo is a bonus. I can tell this is going to be a scent I’ll wear constantly on a sunny holiday. It’s beautifully packaged and the perfect summer scent and gift.

Cost: £36 40ml, The Perfume Shop



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