Clinique 123 Step

It may break my bank when I run out of one of these or god forbid all three but my skin wouldn’t be the same without it. I’m talking about Clinique’s 123 step, which includes a facial soap, clarifying lotion and a moisturiser.

I have oily skin so I use number 3. If you are unsure which one to pick up, speak to the lady on the counter and they will help chose one according to your skin type. I use the facial soap once or twice a week or when I’m going out and wanting my skin to look flawless. I splash my face with a bit of cold water, then apply a small amount of product all over my face. Then using my No7 Cleansing brush I rub it in. It leaves my skin feeling tight, but in a clean and fresh way. It then creates a perfect base to apply my make up as it goes in smoothly.

The lotion is the next step and I absolutely love it! My face feels so smooth after it, however the only thing that bugs me about this lotion, is the fact you can’t use it on your eyes. Unlike the Garnier Micellar Water, which I had been using previously, you have to avoid your eyes. This is the only downfall because personally I like to give my whole face a cleanse.

Finally, the last step is the moisturiser. This is more like a gel, so isn’t a thick consistency. I only have to use a little bit of this product because it really does go a long way. I have the bottle that comes with a pump and this helps me control how much I use because before, I was pouring far too much on my hand and wasting product. So when you’re paying a lot of money for these products, moderation is key.

Clinique has a smaller set for around £20, so if you want to give them a try but don’t want to buy the big bottles, I would recommend investing in those. I did for my first couple of times and they lasted me a while. It’s really controlled my skin and although I still get the odd breakout, I feel applying these products really help clean my skin.



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